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Anything you don't like you can change! Feel free! ~Kuka

As of 11/23/06, I added the new SAA members. I got most of your info from your profile and comics, but if you don't like anything I put, feel free to change (or ask me to change it if you're not good with HTML). ~ Ryan

12/28/06 this page is updated. ~~Slash

Author Name
His/Her comic
Comments from other authors...
Mr. Jack
SAA character (leader of SAA-Mythos) Team Jinjo Member
Explosives? :D
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Shin Kerron
SAA character, Team Jinjo Member
video games
A great friend, and a awesome partner! ~Sonic2021

Has a fluffy tail. Also very nice. ~Shard
SAA character, Team Jinjo Member
Friends, Explosions, Arwings.
Rap, Depression, Getting killed in Resident Evil 4.
Image Hosted by 
SAA HTML expert
Trey, drawing, making sprite comics and Trey ^^
Flamers :D
Ryan AKA Tails128
SAA Character/HTML newbie
Musicals, Books, Writing, Horror Movies, Making people laugh
Rude people, sports
Rikco the Robot
SAA Character/ Looking busy/ evil madman bent on world domination
Waffles, Pie, Soup, Knife (dont ask)
Sanity, himself, people who lack the ability to admit they're wrong.
Awesome addition to SAA! ~Ryan
SAA Character/Da Fluffy Theif
Fluffy-shiny-cow-box-hats and arctic animals, randomness
Being Called a boy, when she can't get her hands on a fluffy, her friends being hurt, deception
Shard is a nice person with a very cool comic! ~Ryan
She's fluffylicious!- BMB
She draws better than me XD~3000
SAA Character
Insanity, anime, Tori, role playing, tori
Being Short
She's kick-ass. Enough said. ~Ryan

Her blood tastes good.~Rikco the Robot
Slash Segary
SAA Character/HTML Mid-level user/Ceiling rider
Making stories (comics and only words) Anime, Manga, Cooking, invisible ceiling called "Fic", and TV time
People interupting my TV time, being poked
Jayh Trinity
SAA Character/Residant Lazy bastard/punching bag
fire arms, sabers, any other combat, two sword fighting, sports, and games
idiots who think they're high and mighty
Silver 3000
SAA Character/random thinker/Persistant
Spriting, Games, Rouge the bat, Shadow the hedgehog, Silver, Dark and Darkspine Sonic, giving criticism on sprites, SONIC Next-gen
People who diss things that dont make sence to diss.
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SAA character/Wall Mart Cashier
Phoenix Wright
Shadow the Hedgehog
He's green-woody

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